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Women Entrepreneurs Voice Opinions on Presidential Election

September 22, 2004
Contact: Contact: Shawn Taylor Zelman, 703.506.3268, [email protected]

McLean, VA - The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) released its membership survey results highlighting women entrepreneurs' opinions on the upcoming Presidential election. According to the survey results, NAWBO members overwhelmingly support Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry over incumbent George W. Bush (55.9 percent vs. 40.1 percent). NAWBO members who identified as an Independent, with another party, or with no party affiliation account for most of John Kerry's lead. Sixty-four percent of these members select John Kerry compared with 27.6 percent selecting George W. Bush, and eight percent indicating they are undecided or voting for another candidate.

The survey commissioned by NAWBO and conducted by the Center for Women's Business Research also found that NAWBO members were equally split on party affiliation (37.1% Democrat vs. 34.1% Republican) and more than 93 percent of those surveyed voted in the 2000 election. The issues having the most impact on women-owned businesses, according to the survey, were health care insurance, small business expense deductions, taxes, and access to capital (financing, loans, etc). The three most important issues facing businesses today were marketing their business, expanding business and cash flow.

"It is interesting to see how women entrepreneurs have shifted their opinions on the Presidential election," said Beverly J. Inman-Ebel, NAWBO's president and CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communication, LLC. "As women-owned businesses continue to show tremendous growth, growing 2 times faster than all U.S. businesses, we know that both parties are very interested in the voting behavior of this influential demographic."

The NAWBO's 2004 membership survey results are based on 1,146 respondents with a confidence interval of +/-2.9 percent. The survey included 35 questions that relate to issues facing women entrepreneurs.

"NAWBO's membership is concerned about the issues affecting their business and want to continue the upward growth by selecting candidates who support and embrace their positions," said Erin Fuller, CAE, NAWBO's executive director.

To discuss the results of this survey, contact Shawn Taylor Zelman to schedule an interview with a NAWBO spokesperson, at (703) 506-3268.

NAWBO is a non-partisan organization and this data is not an endorsement of any presidential candidate, but rather a report on a portion of a biannual member demographic survey.

Founded in 1975, NAWBO propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide. Nearly 30 years later, NAWBO is still the only organization that solely represents the interest of women entrepreneurs in all industries. The organization's mission is to strengthen the wealth-creating capacity of its members and promote economic development; to create innovative and effective change in the business culture; to build strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations; and to transform public policy and influence opinion makers. Visit www.middleastwomen.org for more information.

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