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Grow Thrive Lead

Welcome to NAWBO-SF's January 2004 e-newsletter. You can also read this e-newsletter online at:

Wishing you a very Happy and Successful New Year!



Do you want to triple your networking results during a single meal?

At January's Progressive Networking Dinner at the City Club you'll have an opportunity to sell to, buy from, partner or build an alliance with, recommend to, and learn from dozens of other women business owners. Better yet, you can work off any calories from the delicious fare as you move to a new table for each of three courses, effortlessly tripling your contacts.

You'll receive an envelope with table assignments for each course, and experienced NAWBO facilitators at each table will be catalysts for networking.

Please complete and fax in your pre-registration information early (see link for form below) to help us make the most of table assignments. And remember to bring lots of business cards to the meeting!

WHEN: Thursday, January 8

TIME: 6:00 PM 9:00 PM

WHERE: The City Club, 155 Sansome Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco

COST: Pre-registration $40/members; $50/guests. Or pay at the door $45/members; $55/guests. (No refunds after January 6.)

RSVP: Rhoda Singer, Chapter Administrator, 415.333.2130,
email: [email protected], FAX 415.586.6606.

>> Download Registration Form [doc format]



Union Bank recognizes the power of women. Our February 12 event, hosted at Union Bank's California Street branch office, will extend and expand NAWBO member's networking opportunities. Union Bank is inviting all of its women business clients to meet NAWBO members and share information about business needs and service offerings from 6 - 8 p.m. A large selection of hors d'oeurves will be served.

If you want to meet a new group of business women as dynamic and diverse as NAWBO members, plan to attend this exciting event.

WHEN: Thursday, February 12, 2004

TIME: 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

WHERE: Union Bank, 400 California Street, San Francisco

COST: $30/members; $40/guests

RSVP: Rhoda Singer, Chapter Administrator, 415.333.2130;
email: [email protected]

Sharon Gadberry


by Sharon Gadberry
of Power Transitions

Cynics would say not to bother with New Year's resolutions, that they are only made to be broken. Judging by the huge numbers of new members signing up for health clubs in January ("This year I'm going to lose 10 pounds and be physically fit!"), there are many of us who believe in the value, even the magic, of New Year's commitments.

I still remember the year of 1984, when I vowed to double the revenues of my two-year-old company to $400,000 and to find a new relationship. Believe it or not, the revenues met the goal exactly—and after that I was hooked. The relationship materialized, too, even though over time the guy and I didn't last as long as the business. I also lost 10 pounds that year and formed a life-long exercise routine.

As President of NAWBO-SF I want to wish all of our members prosperity and joy for the New Year. I hope you make outrageous resolutions for 2004, and achieve even more than you hope for.

Our organization is dedicated to helping you be more successful and heppy in your lives and businesses. Here are some resolutions your Board members have made in order to expand the influence and effectiveness of NAWBO-San Francisco:

  1. Roll out an entire new web site that provides information on upcoming events, archives of past presentations, advertisements for members' web sites and businesses, links to partner organizations and events. (Anastasia Fuller, Kathleen Sachs, and Leslie Waltzer)
  2. Advocate for, and promote, a procurement system for State and local government that is fair to small business (that's us!), that saves the state money, and that provides the highest quality in goods and services. (Sharon Gadberry)
  3. Increase membership by 30 percent. (Leni Miller)
  4. Expand the ethnic diversity of membership. (Claudia Viek)
  5. Produce the most exciting and inspiring WEB event ever. (Liz Vasile Galin and Nanoshka Johnson)
  6. Make it easier for California's independent service providers to market and deliver business. (Sharon Gadberry and May Pon)
  7. A perfect record of "10" ratings, and sold out attendance, for 2004's dinner meetings and programs. (Susan Grant and Donna Bletzinger)
  8. Keep NAWBO "legal" and supply the Board with cookies. (Teresa Pahl)
  9. Get NAWBO's name in the paper. (Holli Thier)
  10. Keep the i's dotted and the t's crossed. (Rhoda Singer)

It turns out that a few NAWBO-SF members have also made 2004 resolutions:

"I am submitting book proposals right now for my next publication. Title will be: This Year I'm Going To Learn . . . How To Improve My Speech and Voice. The week-by-week guide to personal development that gives people the 'quicktips' that lead to systematic learning."
—Carol A. Fleming, Ph.D.
The Sound of Your Voice

"I promised myself that in 2004 I would put aside business long enough to plan a beautiful wedding with my fiance. I'm sure we'll remember the 'big day' a lot longer then the 'big deal'."
—Maria Simone, CEO
Signature Accents, LLC

To look after my own health and fitness with the same dedication and persistence with which I actively stretch my business network and keep my company flexible."
—Susan Shargel
Shargel & Co. Insurance Services

"My resolutions are to attend more NAWBO meetings; form more alliances and network with other members more in 2004."
—Sarah Duncan
Alternative Advantage Management, Inc.

"To live life fully, push my limits, better serve my clients, and be joyful! To spend more time with family and friends, experience new adventures, and grow my business. Well, that's a start!"

"Personal: Every year my husband and I say we want to do better at staying in touch with friends we don't see on a regular basis. Ron and I sat down and made a list of 10 groups of six people we want to invite to dinner in 2004. We plan to set aside one day a month to have six people to our home—nothing fancy, just a gathering of congenial friends."
—Syndi Seid
Founder & Director of Advanced Etiquette

"Professional: To me prospecting by telephone is one of the most difficult things I know I need to do for my business. My resolution is to consistently set three-hours a week to contact new prospects for business and call past clients and customers to thank them for their business and ask for new business. I know unless I habitually do this each week, I am not maximizing my potential for new business.
—Syndi Seid
Founder & Director of Advanced Etiquette

We look forward to another wonderful "NAWBO" year expanding our horizons together with all of our members.

Sharon Gadberry, Ph.D.
President, NAWBO-SF



WEB stands for many things. It's the Women Entrepreneurs' Benefit, our chapter's signature annual event honoring outstanding women entrepreneurs, celebrating the opportunities that entrepreneurship offers, and recognizing the organizations that support us in the journey. WEB is also a benefit event, generating the visibility and funds critical to support chapter activities throughout the year, ensuring that NAWBO-SF continues to be a valuable resource for women business owners in the Bay Area.

WEB takes place each spring. This year's event is scheduled for May 12 at the Argent Hotel. We expect over 500 women to gather for lunch, awards, and a very special trade show. Committee activities in support of WEB continue throughout the year, supported by chapter board members and others who head or participate in subcommittees. Following planning meetings in October and November, we are set to launch active subcommittees early in the new year. The following subcommittees welcome members interested in participating at any level of experience and availability.

WEB offers everyone involved a chance to give, to learn, to network, and to get recognized for doing so. For more details or to volunteer, contact WEB 2004 co-chairs Nanoshka Johnson ([email protected]) or Liz Vasile Galin ([email protected], or 415.362.7770).


by Donna Bletzinger, Secretary and Community Outreach Chair
of Dyer Stephenson

This is a column featuring a NAWBO member who is a successful businesswoman, a contributor to the community, and a proven leader in her industry.

Susan GrantWho can keep up with Susan Grant? Preparing for the NAWBO holiday party in December, I scurried to follow in her wake. How does she make it look so easy? She's a dervish in a little black dress.

It Started Simply Enough

Susan was born and raised in the Philippines. Yes, her dad was in the army, but when he left the army he stayed in Manila. "He was an entrepreneur," she relates.

She attended a college in the Philippines "that you've never heard of." It was located on a Del Monte Plantation "where you could see the pineapples." She graduated with a degree in chemistry.

Chemistry? How do you go from chemistry to owning an Executive Search Firm?

After graduating from college she and her sister moved to San Francisco, she explained. "I taught high school chemistry at Star of the Sea Women's school," a private high school "which closed." Her chemistry degree landed a job at the Lawrence Livermore Lab in Berkeley where she worked "three levels underground in a lab."

When she left the Lawrence Livermore Lab, her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. She opened an import business, importing goods from the Philippines. She learned how to run a business from "doing everything wrong."

After that experience, she sought out a career counselor to help with her next career move. That's where she learned how to do "search" (a term used among executive recruiters who "search" for the right candidate for a client).

Ed WinguthAs part of that process, she did informational interviews including one with a well known Silicon Valley search veteran named Ed Winguth. Shortly after, she partnered with Winguth to become Winguth Grant. In 1995, she bought out Winguth and took over the business.

With an executive suite on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, Winguth Grant rode the wave of the tech boom in the late 90's. In 2001, the firm experienced the "dot com" implosion—and survived.

How did she get involved with NAWBO?

"I heard about NAWBO from a banker who helped fund small businesses." That banker took her to her first NAWBO meeting. Like others before her, Susan showed up, participated, and took a leadership role. She served as chapter President from 2001-2002. Today she is Programs Committee Chair—which explains the high quality of NAWBO programs in the past year. Always looking for ways to accommodate members, Susan says the Programs Committee is starting regional networking breakfasts, beginning with a breakfast in Marin at the end of January.

Predictions for 2004?

"Business is picking up." Words of wisdom from the Executive Search industry? "Cash is King—or rather, Queen. Equity is out."

I'll bow to that - here's looking at you, kid.

Susan can be reached at:
Winguth Grant & Company
505 Montgomery Street, 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
phone: 415.283.1970
[email protected]



Beginning Tuesday, January 27, the Regional Networking Breakfast is NAWBO's newest venue for building business connections with other local women business owners. Meetings will be held at 7:30 a.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at Il Fornaio in the Corte Madera Town Center.

Come prepared to meet other women business owners, make friends, exchange ideas, share leads, lend support, recommend resources, bring guests, etc. The cost for breakfast is $12 for members and $15 for guests.

Make reservations with Rhoda or just pay at the door. For more information, please contact Janet Campbell by phone 415.339.8944 or email [email protected].



WEB takes place on May 12 as a luncheon event that, in addition to our traditional WEB awards, will include a mini tradeshow and expo of women-owned businesses. We are also featuring two fabulous business makeovers to be drawn from our chapter membership.

Please start thinking about nominating women business owners for next year's WEB Awards. Attached is the Nomination form so please print out a few and scan your rolodex for good candidates.

Please submit your nominations by January 22, 2004. Fax, email, or mail the nomination form to the addresses or fax number on the nomination form. For more information, please contact Claudia Viek at 415.824.5228 or email: [email protected].

Download Nomination Form [doc file]



Holiday Party CollageOver sixty NAWBO members and guests attended the festive holiday party, held in First Bank's elegant San Francisco penthouse on December 11. In addition to a sumptuous spread prepared by the bank's Chef Michael, a bazaar featuring nine NAWBO members offered wonderful holiday gift items ranging from jewelry and cosmetics to petwear and confections. Complimentary wine, courtesy of First Bank, added to the warm spirits of the evening.

>>View photos from Holiday Party


by Heather M. Sager, Esq.
Carlton, DiSante & Freudenberger LLP

With every new year comes new statutory rights for California employees. 2004 is no exception. In fact, with Governor Davis facing the recall election, he signed more pro-employee employment law bills this year than in past years. Below is a brief summary of the major new employment laws that California businesses will have to contend with beginning January 1, 2004.

SB 796 - Wage and Hour Private Actions

This bill allows employees and their attorneys to bypass the Labor Commissioner claims process and sue employers directly for alleged violations of the California Labor Code. More importantly, the bill allows employees to prosecute claims on behalf of themselves and their fellow employees and collect attorneys' fees and penalties. The bill, therefore, sanctions company-wide litigation and damages on wage and hour claims brought by a single employee. This bill is sure to lead to increased litigation in the wage and hour field.

AB 276 - Labor Code Penalties

This bill increases (and in many cases doubles) the penalties that are recoverable for various Labor Code violations.

AB 76 - Third Party Harassment

This bill makes the employer liable for sexual and other forms of illegal harassment perpetrated by customers, clients, suppliers, or other third parties against employees if the employer knew or should have known of the harassing conduct and did not take appropriate steps to prevent it from occurring, and/or implement immediate and appropriate corrective action once it learned of the conduct. This bill overturns a previous court case finding that the employer could not be liable for such action or inaction when the harassment is perpetuated by a non-employee.

AB 196 - Gender Identity Discrimination

This bill modifies the Fair Employment and Housing Act by making it illegal for an employer to discriminate or harass an individual because they are a transsexual, cross-dresser or trans-gender. The bill specifically permits employers to require employees to comply with reasonable workplace appearance and dress codes.

Workers' Compensation Reform

Various bills were passed to reform the California workers' compensation system. A number of reforms were enacted including certain mandated medical fee schedules and limits on physical therapy and other treatments. However, these bills were not the type of comprehensive reforms that the California business community was hoping for. Look for Governor Schwarzenegger to push for more sweeping reforms during the next legislative session.

SB 777 - Whistleblower Protection

This bill expands protections for whistleblowers and shifts the burden to employers who take adverse action against whistleblowers to prove by clear and convincing evidence that the adverse action was taken for legitimate business reasons in order to avoid liability. Finally, the bill increases penalties for violations of the whistleblower protections.

AB - 223 - Attorneys' Fees For An Appeal of a Labor Commissioner Ruling

This bill makes it easier for an employee to recover attorneys' fees when a labor commissioner wage and hour decision is appealed to the superior court for de novo review. The bill is likely to increase the number of appeals filed by employees in cases where the employee is not satisfied with the award/decision of the California Labor Commissioner/DLSE.

SB 1661 - Paid Family Leave

This bill was actually passed in 2002 but goes into effect in 2004. Paid family leave benefits are available fore leaves taken after June 30, 2004. The bill allows eligible employees to receive up to 55% of their regular wages up to a maximum of $728 per week (increasing maximum each calendar year) for six (6) weeks. The payments are administered by EDD as part of the state's disability insurance program. In order to be eligible the employee must be on leave to care for a new child or to care for a seriously ill member of their immediate family (parent, child, spouse, or domestic partner). Notably, paid leave is not available for an employee's own health condition. Leave is available for all employees full-time and part-time and is applicable to all California employers. There is a one-week waiting period before leave benefits kick in. The statute does not specify any specific reinstatement rights once the leave expires. Notably, Governor Schwarzenegger has frozen the proposed regulations governing implementation of this law. Look for further action and possible revisions to exempt small businesses from the paid leave requirement.

SB2 - Mandatory Healthcare Legislation

This bill, signed into law in October is not operative until 2005. However, because of the major ramifications this bill will have on many California employers, efforts are already underway to stop the bill from becoming operative.

SB2 is commonly referred to as a "pay or play" bill, because it mandates that California employers either cover 80% of their employees' (and, in some cases, their dependents') health care costs or pay a fee into a new state fund that would purchase health care for certain employees. Large California employers (200 or more employees) must comply with the Act by January 1, 2006 and provide health insurance for employees and dependents or pay a tax into a state insurance pool managed by a state agency to provide insurance for employees of employers that did not provide the required insurance.

Medium sized California employers (50-199 employees) must provide coverage for employees or pay into the same pool by January 1, 2007. Employers of between 20 and 49 employees may also be required to comply at this time, if the state enacts certain tax credits prior to January 1, 2007. All employees who work at least one hundred hours per month must be covered.

The bill provides for severe penalties against employers who attempt to avoid liability by reducing hours, turning employees into independent contractors, or engaging in other similar tactics to avoid coverage of the Act. If you want to learn more about efforts now underway to stop SB2 before it becomes operative go to

If you have questions about your obligations under any of these laws, or want more information about how this legislation will affect your business, please contact NAWBO Member Heather M. Sager of Carlton, DiSante & Freudenberger LLP's San Francisco office. Ms. Sager can be reached at 415.981.3233 or by e-mail at [email protected].


We would like to welcome our new members:

Denise RoussetDenise Rousset
Sentinel Newspapers, Inc.
PO Box 1190
Danville, CA 94526
email: [email protected]

Sentinel Newspapers publishes a positive community newspaper. With no "bad news" allowed, it has a circulation of 75,500 along the busy I-680 corridor. Other publications include an activity guide and an upcoming medical services guide for alternative and traditional medical resources.


Deidre ToweryDeidre Towery
ProActive Business Soultions, Inc.
409 13th St, 15th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612
510.302.0120 x 221
email: [email protected]

ProActive is a facilities and IT consulting firm supporting Bay Area and Nationwide clients in the semiconductor information technology and investment banking industries. We have an extensive and experienced project management and technical staff.


Judy Lau
2003 Oakdale Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
email: [email protected]


Mary Ann Moran
505 Montgomery St., #1146
San Francisco, CA 94111
email: [email protected]


American ExpressEllen Resneck
Financial Analyst
American Express
250 Lafayette, #100
Lafayette, CA 94549
email: [email protected]


Olga Machado
Indepth Financial Solutions, Inc.
1714 Franklin St., Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612
[email protected]


DaRiMi KidzJennifer Wolfe
DaRiMi Kidz
108 Walnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
[email protected]

Company focused on protecting kids from the sun without sacrificing style. We specialize in importing and distributing high quality unique and innovative Australian and New Zealand made
products for children.


Northwestern MutualKaren Campbell
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
100 Pringle Ave., Suite 150
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
[email protected]

We look forward to getting to know you all.



Each year the SBA calls for nominations for outstanding small businesses, giving awards to businesses throughout the United States that have demonstrated excellence in their field. We have an opportunity to nominate a NAWBO member business in the San Francisco Bay Area as part of the SBA district award winners.

Nominations are due by January 7 (I know, short notice). Attached are the guidelines. Please look specifically at pages 4-8 for eligibility and evaluation criteria.

We have had a NAWBO member win this award in the past. Let's ensure that we nominate another NAWBO member for this well deserved, high profile award.

Please send all nominations to Sharon Gadberry,
Email address: Sharon Gadberry ([email protected])
Mailing address: 120 Montgomery Street, Ste 1950, San Francisco, CA 94104

>>2004 SBA Nomination Guidelines [PDF format]



Call for Nominations

The SFAMA is seeking nominees for the annual Excellence in Marketing Awards (EIMA) Celebration, to be held on May 20, 2004, at the Crowne Plaza in San Francisco. EIMA recognizes outstanding Bay Area enterprises that have distinguished themselves as leaders in the marketing arena.

Excellence in Marketing Awards nominations are open to any company, regardless of size or AMA affiliation, which is headquartered in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Nominations may be made by AMA members, colleagues or by individual companies. To qualify, companies nominated must have demonstrated excellence in achieving marketing objectives.

Awards for 2004 will be presented in 5 categories:

  1. The Next Big Thing
  2. The Global Image Leader
  3. The Change Master
  4. Excellence in Community Service
  5. Excellence in Non-Profit Marketing

For more information about the award categories, and to submit a nomination, please visit our website at or contact Bobbie LaPorte at [email protected]. All nominations must be received by January 23rd.



CODEPINK and Global Exchange are sponsoring a Women's Delegation to Iraq from January 24 to February 4, 2004. This is the second all-women CODEPINK delegation and the fifth delegation Global Exchange has sent to Iraq since the January 2003.

This will be a unique delegation of US women peacemakers. We will meet with representatives of a variety of Iraqi women's organizations that are working on issues ranging from creating income-generating projects for women to organizing shelters for victims of domestic violence to raising women's concerns in the writing of the new constitution. We will hear how women are faring under US occupation, and meet with US authorities and Iraqi officials to learn how their plans affect Iraqi women. In addition to the formal meetings, we will meet with women in their homes, at the university and in the markets.

This is a critical moment to make connections with Iraqi women. Iraqi women have suffered tremendously under the occupation from the lack of security, jobs and basic services. Now, the US has promised the Iraqis and the UN that there will be a transition to Iraqi self-rule by July 1. Women want to play a major role in this transition process, but are worried that they are being sidelined. We can help raise the voices of Iraqi women by listening to their concerns and promoting their interests when we return to the US.

The trip will be led by Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans, who has traveled to Iraq several times and helped set up with Occupation Watch Center, the group setting up our itinerary on the ground. The cost of the trip is $2,000-2,200, depending on airfare.

Space is limited, and we will give priority to women who work with relevant organizations in the US or who will help Code Pink promote Iraqi women's needs on their return. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jodie at CODEPINK: 310.827.3046 or [email protected].



We would like to congratulate Heather Sager of Carlton, DiSante & Freudenberger LLP. Effective January 1, 2004, she is now partner at her firm.

(You can read more about Heather in the November Issue of the NAWBO Newsletter, "Member of the Month" section.)



The SF Business Times published an opinion piece by Sharon Gadberry in the December 15 edition, entitled "Anti-feminist article provokes second opinion: Women should keep their day jobs." You can read it online at


"If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all."
—Anna Quindlen


If you would like to submit stories, news, events, or happenings for the next issue of NAWBO-SF's e-news, please send to: Anastasia Fuller - [email protected] ( Copy submission deadline is the 22nd of the current month for the next month's newsletter (e-mailed out the first week of the month).

We invite anyone who is not already a member to join NAWBO-SF. Take advantage of a growing package of member benefits and activities. To find out more, visit our website: