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20th Annual WEB Event
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Grow Thrive Lead

Welcome to NAWBO-SF's April 2004 e-newsletter. You can also read this e-newsletter online at:

We are happy to announce this year's WEB Award Recipients in this issue of NAWBO-SF News. See feature article below for more about these pioneering and successful women. And join us May 12 for our Chapter's annual event to honor these women.

Have you checked out our new website? You can now register online for NAWBO-SF events!



Sharon Gadberry

by Sharon Gadberry
of Power Transitions

My term as your President has been racing by. The experience has been unforgettable, and it has been a privilege to meet and get to know more of our wonderful members, to work with such a dedicated Board, and to experience the generosity of our corporate partners.

Over the course of the President's year in office, there is a huge group effort on the part of our "working board" to produce the very best WEB Awards event ever, to attract a large crowd, and to add a few dollars to our treasury. Our organization never fails to meet these goals, and I am proud to promise that this will be another a memorable and successful "best ever" event.

As NAWBO-California Vice President of Public Policy, I also help to chair the NAWBO-CA Legislative Action Day. Whew! Another big effort to out-do the year before with more attendees, more visibility for our organization, and of course a peak experience for the attendees. This year will be the best ever, so don't miss it.

Remember, "opportunity doesn't knock. You knock and opportunity answers."

NAWBO-California Legislative Action Day: April 21-22, 2004

Make your voice heard! Now is the perfect time to get involved in public policy and legislative action. More than ever, government is affecting our lives, our futures, and our businesses. Even if you don't consider yourself political, you should definitely consider joining your NAWBO-California sisters from all over the state on Wednesday, April 21, for a full and action-packed day of information, legislative advocacy, networking and more.

Speakers include Sunne Wright McPeak, our very own Bay Area star who was named head of the State's largest agency: Business, Housing, and Transportation; Mark Ridley-Thomas, sponsor of NAWBO's bill clarifying independent contractor laws, and Liz Figueroa, head of the Women's Caucus of the legislature.

Once you have participated in Leg Action Day, you will want to go every year! A large contingency of us are planning to travel to Sacramento for this not-to-be-missed event. If you want to drive, need a ride, or want to share a room with another participant, please send me an email ([email protected]). By now you should have received an invitation and registration form in the mail. If not, call Rhoda Singer at 415 333-2130 or see the details on

Choice & Opportunity

I have written to you before about the crucial link between choice and the opportunity to for women to own and run their own businesses. In this article, California Senator Feinstein speaks out on some imminent dangers to abortion rights:

"Last week, the U.S. Senate passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which, for the very first time, will put into federal law the concept that life begins at conception. Though I offered an alternative that would have had the same effect in criminal law without addressing this profound and deeply divisive question, anti-abortion advocates defeated the measure. Read full article.

Women Entrepreneurs Benefit (WEB): May 12, 2004

Your Board has been in high gear throughout the year, planning for our annual signature event. Attending a WEB event is so inspirational that it has motivated many a woman to start her own business or to join NAWBO.

This year, we are proud to have Terry Lowry return as MC. Mayor Gavin Newsom will accept the President's Community Advocacy award and Joan Blades, of, who has been called the "mother of cyberspace mobilization, the Joan of Arc of high tech" is our keynote speaker.

Plus, we have three wonderful and inspiring WEB award-winning entrepreneurs. So mark your calendar for May 12, 2004 for luncheon at the Argent. Buy a ticket, or better yet, buy a table. There is no better way to develop client relationships than by inviting them to join you at a WEB event!

WEB: A Bit of History and a Look to the Future

The event that we now know as WEB started its life in 1985 at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, as an award to celebrate the achievements of a successful woman business owner. A few years later, in 1993, NAWBO inherited sponsorship of the award and the event. WEB honored the winner and inspired the participants, many of them women entrepreneurs who saw, in the honoree's story, the threads of their own experiences of perseverance, innovation, risk, success, and giving back. At that time, the WEB award was also one of the few, if not the only award of its kind in the bay area.

Twenty years have gone by since that first WEB award, and much has changed in the intervening years, in the business landscape and the recognition women receive as part of it. Women are now the fastest growing segment of new entrepreneurs . . . We create more new jobs . . . Every month our business calendars feature at least one event, award, or conference for women in business and the professions, with the blessings or sponsorship of a multitude of state, local, and national agencies, private organizations, and public figures. We build communities and economies, and we vote. Especially in this election year, we business women are on the radar like never before.

Twenty years have gone by since that first WEB award, and much remains the same. Women continue to bear the bulk of domestic and child care responsibilities while also working full time, earn less than equal pay for equal work, bump into glass ceilings . . . and decide they can do it better in their own business. And then go on to do just that, while also contributing to their communities in various ways! It's this spirit that WEB exemplifies and celebrates, and remains unique in doing so.

Sharon Gadberry, Ph.D.
President, NAWBO-SF


Don't miss our premier event celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit!

This year's luncheon event also features a mini-trade show/exhibit for members and corporate partners, guest speakers, and inspiring presentations from our honorees and keynote speaker, Joan Blades.

Individual Ticket Prices: $100 on or before April 9th; $110 after April 9th
Table Sales: $1,500
Sponsorship $2,500

WHEN: Wednesday, May 12, 2004
TIME: 11:00 AM � 2:00 PM
WHERE: Argent Hotel, 50 Third Street, San Francisco

For more info, or to register via phone, contact:
Rhoda Singer, Chapter Administrator, 415.333.2130,
email: [email protected]

>> Download the registration flyer for more info [PDF]



Loral LangemeierLoral Langemeier, MA CPPC, draws from her personal experience when guiding people toward prosperity. She built her first business in college and soon afterwards started establishing a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties and stocks. A passionate advocate of helping people master money management, she offers straightforward principles and concepts for achieving financial stability and independence.

Plan to attend this fascinating program where Loral will share some of the knowledge and insights that have enabled her clients to achieve their financial goals. Through writings, seminars, and coaching, she has inspired people to become self-made entrepreneurs, achieving a net worth of over $1million in less than 4 years, and creating on-going wealth by investing in real-estate, stock, and venture capital opportunities.

WHEN: Thursday, April 8, 2004
TIME: 6:00 PM � 9:00 PM
WHERE: The City Club, 155 Sansome Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco
COST: Pre-registration $40/members; $50/guests. Or pay at the door $45/members; $55/guests


For more info, or to register via phone, contact:
Rhoda Singer, Chapter Administrator, 415.333.2130,
email: [email protected]

Find out more about this event


Announcing WEB's 2004 Award Recipients

WEB winners show exceptional accomplishment in building new kinds of businesses, or in pioneering new and better ways of running old businesses.

This year's Trailblazer, Kim King, owns a security services company—a high growth industry in our post 9/11 world. In a sector where high employee turnover is the rule and benefits like health insurance are the exception, King Security Services enjoys high retention rates, offers health benefits, and reaps healthy profits.

Cameron Tuttle, of Bad Girl Swirl, is our Rising Star. Her business is an example of a business built around a character concept, the Bad Girl guides, which have spawned an industry, merchandising, etc. She has built a successful business, in just a few short years, from the ground up.

In addition to exemplary women business owners, we have long recognized individuals who advocate on behalf of women and business in the community. This year is no exception, and we are taking it one step further. Our new award, for Social Entrepreneurship, reflects a growing trend in the Bay Area economic and social landscape, towards entrepreneurial activities which have, at their core, a social purpose, and who measure their success as much by their social as by their financial bottom lines. This year's honoree, Diane Howell, has pioneered social entrepreneurship in the African American business community.

Read the winner's bios below to find out more about them. And join us on May 12 to honor these accomplished women from our community.


2004 Trailblazer

King Security Services, Inc.

Kimberly U. King is President and CEO of King Security Services, Inc. When she took over this role from her father in 1990, she was one of a handful of young women in the male-dominated security industry. Through extreme dedication, a solid commitment to her clients and employees, and her community involvement, Kim was able to increase revenues from $300,000 to over $10.5 million. In addition, the number of employees working for King Security has grown from 25 to over 400, with a territory that encompasses the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Read full bio


2004 Rising Star

Bad Girl Swirl, Inc.

Cameron Tuttle is the author of the best-selling series The Bad Girl's Guides (Chronicle Books) and the founder of Bad Girl Swirl Inc., a marketing and licensing company that promotes her books, gifts, and the Bad Girl lifestyle. Cameron's books—The Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road, The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want, and The Bad Girl's Guide to the Party Life—have generated press coverage on radio and television, and in many print publications, including USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, and The Los Angeles Times. Read full bio


2004 Social Entrepreneur

Diane HowellC. DIANE HOWELL, Ph.D.
CEO, Black Expo Ltd
Publisher, Black Business Listings
Producer, Black Expo 2004

Throughout the last 15 years, Howell has been determined to promote African American economic development in every way conceivable. She has sponsored monthly networking breakfasts (which are now free and co-sponsored by the Associated Real Property Brokers) to encourage networking among African Americans in business. She served as the local coordinator for the Black Expo USA for the 5 years it was held in Oakland, and she has been a popular speaker throughout the community, always advocating the self-empowerment of the African American community. Read full bio


Each month we present an award for "Member of the Month," who is selected by the NAWBO-SF Board of Directors. The purpose of the award is to express appreciation for volunteers who have helped NAWBO to Grow, Thrive, Lead.


Syndi SeidWe would like to congratulate Syndi Seid, NAWBO-SF's April member of the month.

Syndi Seid is NAWBO-SF's past chapter president and a long-time supporter and member of NAWBO. It was in 1992 as part of Syndi Seid's business plan for her start-up business that she joined NAWBO. During her first years she was active on the membership committee and was the registration chair for the first two our WEB signature events.

By 1995, Syndi was recruited to be president-elect. At first she wasn't sure she should take on this enormous task—her business was just 3 years old. Thanks to lots of support from lots of people she became our chapter president from 1996-1997.

Nationally Syndi has served on the National Nominating Committee three times; the National Awards Judging team for two years; and currently is serving on the National Traveling Board Training team and the Chapters in Formation Committee. For our chapter she is our Corporate and Economic Development Council Representative, participating in the International Committee.

Additionally Syndi has been active in the community, stemming from being a graduate of Leadership San Francisco, Class of 1995. She is the incoming chair of The City Club of San Francisco; on the board of the Nob Hill Association; a delegate for NAWBO and past president of the San Francisco Small Business Network; a founding partner and coalition partner representative for WIPP (Women Impacting Public Policy); and on the California Advisory Board of WLE (Women's Leadership Exchange). She is also a volunteer speaker for the CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service) program since its founding five years ago.

Professionally, Syndi is a professional trainer and speaker, under the business name of Advanced Etiquette. She is positioning herself to be the etiquette expert of choice to companies and individuals seeking comprehensive training and consulting in international business and social etiquette and protocol. Take a look at her web site to enroll in her FREE "Etiquette Tip of the Month" newsletter which currently is seen by over 7,000 people monthly, and growing. For the past three years she has also offered NAWBO members the ability to take one of her courses at up to as 50% discount. Her Spring series begins 22 April. Both her newsletters and schedule of seminars can be found at

Personally, Syndi is joined in life by her husband, Ron Hildebrand, who is an illustrator and graphic designer of his own small business called Hildebrand Design. Together they have no children, but are surrounded by 13 nephews and nieces and six great-nephews and nieces on Syndi's side, and eight children and two grandchildren from Ron's side. Their gift buying is often cheaper by the two dozen.

Syndi can be reached at:
Advanced Etiquette
"... the missing link to a complete professional education."
1168 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94108-1406
Phone: 415.346.3665 or 800.276.7419
E-mail: [email protected]



March Marketing SpeakersA lively and informative panel discussion before more than 40 members and guests provided insights about how to stretch precious PR and marketing dollars to produce results. Our panel of experts included Jill Lublin, Public Relations maven, as well as Ellen Looyen and Roberta Guise, PR and marketing specialists, and was moderated by Susan Kirshenbaum, a skilled marketing business owner.

Volunteer NAWBO members served as facilitators at each table, encouraging an active exchange of information among attendees interested in networking and promoting their businesses. Program evaluations for the evening scored a median 8.9 (Rating Scale of 1-10, with 10 high).



On Tuesday, April 27th, another regional networking breakfast takes place as NAWBO's newest venue for building business connections with other local women business owners. Meetings will be held at 7:30 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Il Fornaio in the Corte Madera Town Center.

So bring a friend and come prepared to meet other women business owners, make friends, exchange ideas, share leads, lend support, recommend resources, etc. The cost for breakfast is $12 for members and $15 for guests. Make reservations online at:, or with Rhoda at 415.333.2130; email: [email protected].



On Thursday, June 10th, members and guests have the opportunity to acquire useful information on topics that keep them awake at night. Subject matter experts will facilitate roundtable discussions, focusing on topics that may include:

Plan to attend and select a topic that is your favorite food for thought! Better yet, if you have a "burning need" you and others want to discuss, email your suggested topic to Susan Grant, [email protected]

WHEN: Thursday, June 10, 2004
TIME: 6:00 PM � 9:00 PM
WHERE: The City Club, 155 Sansome Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco
COST: Pre-registration $40/members; $50/guests. Or pay at the door $45/members; $55/guests.


For more info, or to register via phone, contact:
Rhoda Singer, Chapter Administrator, 415.333.2130,
email: [email protected]

Find out more about this event



Each quarter, NAWBO members have an opportunity to share their expertise with other members and guests in our small group Brown Bag Lunch Series. Attendees bring their own lunch, learn about a topic of interest and can talk with an expert. NAWBO's program committee is actively seeking members willing to present their services or share specialized knowledge during these lunchtime gatherings. If you'd like to lead a Brown Bag Lunch session, please email Susan Grant: [email protected].



To encourage active participation and promote sharing of information, NAWBO members who are experienced in group facilitation are needed to assist at dinner tables during regular monthly meetings. This is a great way to get more involved in NAWBO without expending lots of time or effort. If you are interested in contributing your facilitation skills, please email Maureen Simon, [email protected], and include a brief summary of your facilitation experience.



New Corporate Partner Mirassou Winery Offers Business Optimist Award

Mc Lean (Tyson�s Corner), VA � March 16, 2004 � National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Mirassou Winery have joined forces to establish an award that recognizes businesswomen who have overcome adversity. The NAWBO/Mirassou Winery Business Optimist Award includes $10,000 and a trip to NAWBO�s 2004 Women�s Business Conference in Dallas, TX this June.

The first-ever NAWBO/Mirassou Winery award was created to celebrate 150 years of wine making by the Mirassou family and to award those women who view the glass half full where others might see a glass half empty. The establishment of this award marks Mirassou Winery�s official association with NAWBO as a corporate partner for 2004.

David Mirassou will present the award at a gala dinner during NAWBO�s annual conference in Dallas, Texas on June 5, 2004

An applicant for the award must be a U.S. resident, at least 21 years of age and be an active owner of a business that has been operational for at least two years. For more information and application forms, visit or Applications must be received or postmarked on or before April 5, 2004.


We would like to welcome our new members:

Nancy Zeches
Aluminum Zinc Design
2711 18th Street, Suite 21
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-648-1488
Email: [email protected]

A design firm that creates custom print and digital solutions. We partner with you to understand your needs and provide answers to your information and communication problems. The result is an integrated design system that successfully targets your business goals.


Christine Chang
Rothbacher & Chang, CPAs, Inc.
17 Brookside Drive
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: 415.453.6331
Email: [email protected]

Rothbacher & Chang helps small business clients with their accounting needs.


Vida Harband
Advanced General Counsel
1 Blackfield Dr., #155
Tiburon, CA 94920
Phone: 415-435-7639
Email: [email protected]

Acts as in-house general counsel on an outsourced basis and provides general corporate legal services on a project or hourly basis.


Mara Perez, Ph.D.
Founder & Principal
Mara Perez, Ph.D. Development & Planning Services
P O Box 972
Greenbrae, CA 94977
Phone: 415-461-0141
Email: [email protected]

Provides grant writing, strategic planning and social research services to non-profit organizations and educational institutions in the area of diversity, education, health, Latino affairs, the arts, spirituality and International Affairs.


Donna Stoneham
Positive Impact, LLC
P O Box 70732
Pt Richmond, CA
Phone: 510-235-7107
Email: [email protected]

Dedicated to liberating the power of the human spirit in leaders and organizations by providing organization, team and leadership development, and executive coaching services to business, leaders, their teams, and organizations.


Alice Wendland
MNA Holdings LLC
230 California St., #301
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: 415-693-9388
Email: [email protected]

MNA Holdings is a financial advisory firm specializing in corporate solutions. The professionals at MNA ofer a full range of services including financial analysis, company valuation, legal assistance and accounting practices.


Nancy Webb
Nancy Webb Graphic Design
101 Kimberlin Heights Drive
Oakland, CA 94619
Phone: 510-531-3611
Email: [email protected]

Offer seminars, consultation and graphic design services driven by a passion for creating powerful, effective visual communication for your business. Nancy is known for her award winning design and top rated seminars.


Anastasia Fuller
272 � Jersey St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: 415-285-4590
Email: [email protected]

Juxtaprose offers full-service content, editorial, and production services for both printed publications as well as online publications (email newsletters, websites). Services include: editing, content development, project management, website architecture and content plans, and HTML development.

We look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events!



I want to let you know about the special webpage on my Senate website that features Women's History Month. The website features information about some of America's most well-known women leaders, an historical timeline, and a women's history trivia quiz.

I am delighted to launch this website to celebrate women's accomplishments throughout history. I hope my Women's History Month website will serve as a useful educational resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the journey of American women toward full equality.

The website also includes links to the official websites of the women of the U.S. Senate and California's Congresswomen, and links to women's organizations and women's history websites. The page is located at and may also be accessed by following links from the Boxer home page:

I hope you enjoy this special feature. If you have questions about it or any other federal matter, I encourage you to contact me at

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator



The Center for Women's Business Research invites you to join prominent women business owners and top leaders from the corporate, nonprofit and government sectors in New York City on April 28, 2004 to share best practices and discuss winning strategies for doing business with women entrepreneurs.

Hear from Keynote Speaker U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans and a star-studded group of women business owners and leaders.

Case studies, panel discussions and networking opportunities deliver knowledge you can use to create competitive edge.

Get the latest data via the "2004 Facts on Women-Owned Businesses," the Center's signature publication that is updated every two years. For the first time, this research update includes estimates of women business owners? spending on business products and services.

Find out more information on the Roundtable

For other inquiries, contact the Center at 202-638-3060 ext.20 or via email: [email protected].



This three-day event will focus on recognizing the tremendous contributions made by America's small businesses while also providing entrepreneurs with incredible educational, networking, and procurement opportunities.

Wednesday, May 19th to Friday, May 21st 2004, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.

Find out more:



Join other NAWBO-SF members for a free seminar, Wednesday, April 14, 2004, sponsored by PCI Crane Consulting. Here you can:

Register by contacting Darlene Crane at [email protected] or call 510.886.4482.

>>Download Flyer for this Event



When a leader triggers resonance, you can see it in people�s eyes: They are involved and they light up. Passion and enthusiastic energy build as they do their best work. When leaders develop the inner side of leadership they increase their ability to make resonant choices instead of habitual ones. Their decisions then reinforce what matters, with strong and positive impacts in service excellence, collaboration and increased productivity.

Women inside and outside the corporation are making it a priority to develop this inner side of leadership. This workshop explores the contribution these women leaders make and how to strengthen their impact and results.

Saturday, May 8, 2004, 9:30-4:30pm, San Francisco State University Downtown Center, 425 Market St., $165

Contact Maureen Simon at 415.381.5115 for more information, or download the flyer below.

>>Download flyer for this course

From Roberta Guise

I want to thank you for attending Thursday's panel (the March 11 Dinner Event), "How To Make Your PR and Marketing Dollars Work For You." You were a great audience, and I was delighted to see how many of you are sophisticated marketers.

In case you didn't get a copy of my articles (they were on the table at the back of the room), and you'd like more marketing ideas for your business (for free), go to and click on Articles.

Finally, I would love to know: what one take-away did you get from the panel discussion? By telling me, you are in essence adding to the marketing body of knowledge, which benefits all of us. Let me know.

If you have any follow-up questions, don't hesitate to call me at 415.979.0611.



Andrea Kelly Smethurst's article, "Managing Suspected Abuse of Family and Medical Leave" is featured in this quarter's California Labor and Employment Law Review, the official publication of the State Bar of California Labor and Employment Law Section. Please contact Andrea at [email protected] if you would like a copy.


"Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life."
—Dr. David M. Burns


If you would like to submit stories, news, events, or happenings for the next issue of NAWBO-SF's e-news, please send to: Anastasia Fuller at [email protected]. Copy submission deadline is the 22nd of the current month for the next month's newsletter (e-mailed out the first week of the month).

We invite anyone who is not already a member to join NAWBO-SF. Take advantage of a growing package of member benefits and activities. To find out more, visit our website: