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Senator Feinstein Opposes Anti-Abortion Law

by Sharon Gadberry
of Power Transitions

October 2003

California's Senator Dianne Feinstein is serving her second term in Washington. She is a strong advocate in Washington for sound fiscal policy and fair social policies, including women's rights. Among her responsibilities is a seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. This committee is on the front lines of a consistent and aggressive attempt to stack the Superior Court with anti-choice judges. Also under attack are gun ownership laws, which Senator Feinstein has promoted ever since the horrendous 101 California attacks over ten years ago. She has sponsored several bills for strengthening homeland security and helped California pursue claims against the Federal Energy Regulation Commission, related to the billions of dollars lost during the energy crisis.

Both houses of Congress recently passed an anti-abortion bill, which now goes to the President for signature. Senator Feinstein voted to oppose the bill, and delivered an articulate and impassioned speech to the Senate.

You can read a transcript of Senator Feinstein's speech on her website: http://feinstein.senate.gov.